From custody battle to creating a brand.

Finding our identity

As a struggling entrepreneur and a single Father this idea slowly manifested throughout my early Fatherhood years. From the time my child's mother was pregnant till my son was 3 months old I was considered a good Father. After one misunderstanding;Unfortunately , I missed the next 6 months of his life due to Florida laws and certain individuals who stood in the way. I was not allowed to see my son, and therefore anybody who didn't know me had no idea that I was even a brand new Father. If only there was a brand or a sticker that showed the world that I am the proud Father of a beautiful baby boy, and if someone sees that sticker, they too will commence in sharing that bond. As a movie buff, I find familiarity in certain clips, and nothing is more familiar than A Father fighting for the right to see his son like Adam Sandler in the movie Big Daddy. At the end of the movie in court for custody, Rob Sneider says a classic line "They make terrific pair, they go together like lamb and TunaFish "...

Boom! I found so much peace and comfort in this label that I ran with it and never looked back. I started telling people right away that I'm going to start a brand that recognizes the struggle of Fathers in custody battles. I had a vision that if two random Fathers passed each other on the street wearing the logo; they both would nod and salute a fellow Father who share the same pain and hopefully the same results. I know there will be a ton of new Fathers in custody battles in the future and they will run into the same thing I have. They will google search for hours, join Fathers Rights Facebook page, and they will consult with Lawyers. If only there was a place that hosted all three of these things, so that it can be a one stop shop for stressed out Fathers. That's where Lamb and TunaFish Inc. wants to play a role, by providing guidance and support for all those who are seeking. Thats why we are more than a brand we are a lifestyle that promotes the importance of Fatherhood in children's lives.  Anyone can support this though purchases, likes, and I PROMISE on everything I love, we will change the way the game is played.  

Our start will be just brand awareness and our niche will be shirts that "go together" for Fathers and Sons, shirts that fit together like puzzles. T-shirts at first but eventually you will see more versatility as we grow. As we collect data and form our team we plan on creating a community that knows where to go when they want to show off Fatherhood and also a direction to point the next Father going into this vicious cycle of stressed out Fathers. Our vision is to alleviate as much stress as possible so any Father can put his best foot forward and be the best version of themselves, while they endure all the setbacks and negativity in custody. This is a lifestyle that needs information sharing and awareness and if anybody wants to help contribute I welcome all to come be a part of this tremendous movement.


Joshua Doerr




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