"In a thousand pounds of court there isn't an ounce of love. ". ~~ Confucius

We lost again!

     Today was another day where we took to the judge to solve our petty, can't get along, embarrassing court date for contempt and enforcement. To my surprise It was light and fluffy. ( probably because the inside judge was absent). This stand in judge was great, she helped us clear the air on a number of issues that were brought up. 

     Here's how it went down:

They started off with the "tell the other parent who has the child and not withhold where-about...". This is my place to say , "yes but, she can't harass them"

(Judge stops and puts down pen)  she says: "let me be clear, either parent has every right to check on their child... "

Me:  (hearts pounding ) "may I?"  

Judge Lets me talk and we went from having to give details  and where -Abouts, to how many times a parent can call.  I'll give details all day long but please, please just limit these calls to like 3 a day  (Not every two hours that's rediculous)  

Judge then proceeds to make the best order I have ever seen, the judge writes down (slowly) "Parent is limited to calling the other parent no more than..." Judge pauses and thinks to herself. At this point I'm leaning forward, and it just got good:

We are playing a metaphor dice of phone call numbers. This judge shakes em and shakes them in her head for like 29 seconds. Finally she's ready to throw the dice, give us our answer.  In my head I'm saying c'mon 3, 3, please give me a 3. I'm sure my child's mother was praying for a 9 or something.  

Judge spits out a 2!!!!

What, this is better than gambling, we get our life back, so much weight lifted off these obligated phone calls.  2 a day, and that's it.

after that I cleared the air on other 4 hour first right of refusal clause. We found out these magical words "reasonable intent". So we just moved right along, following that we came up with the exchanges at my job.  Now this one erks me, because this was an order they requested. Two hours later I got mìjos mother saying that I have to pick up mìjo at her house but she house to pick him up at my job. Other words, they are negating the rules their team just proposed to me 120 minutes ago.  The thing to do is go get my baby, try not to poke the bear, and just take the high road. I'm extremely happy we got to adjust certain things but it's very unfortunate that no matter how you spin it, we all lost. 

John Ray's A collection of English proverbs 1670, 1678: