Lamb and TunaFish just helps the unexpected when you least expect it.

      When I first thought of this club I thought of all the reasons why a Father would lose contact with their children, forgetting that those children grow up and the term just changes to offspring or something.

I let my emotions get the best of me and refused to enjoy or attempt to enjoy any more phone calls with My own Father because of some petty stuff. We lost contact for about 3 months, and there was nothing positive about that. He made his attempts, reached out, and continued to be the loving Father I've always known him to be. However, this isn't about a testimony of how I'm trying to be a better Son or how hes a great Dad, this is about the power in the movement.

This lamb and tunafish is a serious movement that I can't wait for people to experience. My personal testimony of how it has changed my life has everything to do with creating the website and putting together these pages. I must of said the word "Father" like fifty times and "Son" a hundred times; just planting a seed in my own head. Well two hours into my creativity I couldn't write one more word about being a Father or having a Son, I just picked up the phone and called my Dad like I've been wanting to do for weeks. We laughed and brushed things off like I knew we would, and I told him: "Dad, I couldn't say one more word about being a loving Dad without calling you." We talked for an hour, I told him my hopes and dreams like I always do, he validated with wise words, support and I went on. The thing was I was going to call eventually, but when I see these Father/Son words I start holding myself accountable for what I want to represent. I want to show the world how to be a good Father and I definitely want to educate young man out there the qualities in a good Son. Looking back on all the mistakes I've made as a Father, I will instill that wisdom for future Fathers and likewise for the Sons. Not talking to my Dad was dumb and it could of been easily solved, but I allowed my emotions to get to me. Thinking about all my situations I can definitely tell you its a pride thing, and pride can be an ugly quality. I've preached on humility before and thought that was the way because of how "the meek shall inherit the earth", but there has got to be a balance. We got to learn when to hold our chest up high and when to take that humble sandwich. As men, we stand up for our principles, we learn not to tolerate certain behavior and we're taught not to take grief from anybody. Well sometimes we have to take it, and learning how to recognize what battles to fight will be an ever-going journey through life. This site is here to help gain perspective, we can all make mistakes in our Father/Son relationship, just got to learn how to overcome those dilemmas and not let it effect our time together. This life is tough enough and we all have an obligation to be there for our parents and children no matter what, and If you're able to be there for them then nothing should get in the way of that.

With Love,

-Joshua Doerr