Founder and Creator


Joshua Doerr

Born and raised in a rural Citrus County Florida spending my early childhood years with just a small circle of friends and a loving hard working Mother who always made sure I had the best life she could provide. Then I moved to Tapron Springs and graduated through the GED system because I chose beaches over class. 

I got to watch and stand beside the corporate world basically scrubbing pots and pans and making other people wealthier. I studied a little graphic design and learned the arts and crafts of digital beauty. A dead end for me, Then I racked up 2 years in community college learning business. During this time I became a server to the hospitality industry, living the young life, and careless about my future skills. 

Somewhere around the end of 2013, I met my child's mother and on one very cold night, I received the text message that would forever change my life. I say this time and again the happiest moment in my life, was when I became Father to our beautiful baby boy Caleb. After spending 3 days in the hospital with them attempting to induce, we had our boy on a Sunday afternoon full of love and family unity. Those first few days with our son are branded in my head forever. I'll never forget waking up to a nurse changing in him at 3:30 am asking if I "want to hold him?"